SoCo Peppers BYLAWS

Bylaws Revised:  February 2016



The name of this organization shall be "SoCo Peppers"

The mission of the SoCo Peppers shall be to promote the game of golf among the club’s members, families, friends, and acquaintances to provide for their enjoyment of the game with tournaments and other related activities.

The government and management of the SoCo Peppers shall be vested in, exercised, conducted and controlled by a Board of Directors, consisting of the four (4) elected Directors and those Committee Chairpersons appointed by the President and approved by the elected Directors.

Changes to the Bylaws of SoCo Peppers shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Notification of any approved amendments to the Bylaws will be made to the general membership at the earliest opportunity.

On all questions as to the construction of these Bylaws, the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

Section 1. Regular membership size in any given year will not be limited. During years of excessively high membership, creative measures and controls will be necessary to manage tournaments with limited openings.

Section 2. A "Regular" member will be anyone whose application is submitted with membership fees inclusive of the NCGA fees and the application is accepted by the SoCo Peppers Board as of the membership deadline date (defined in Section 5).

Section 3.  An “Associate” member will be anyone whose application is submitted with membership fees exclusive of the NCGA fees, maintains an active NCGA or PWGA membership with another club (and therefore will maintain an established USGA index) and the application is accepted by the SoCo Peppers Board.

Section 4. A “Junior”  anyone sponsored by a Regular member who has not yet attained the age of 18. Junior members will be charged the NCGA Junior membership rate. Junior members may participate in SoCo Peppers events only as a guest and will not be eligible for points or prizes.

Section 5. The Board shall establish a membership deadline.  This deadline shall be set according to the discretion of the Board, allowing them ample time to fulfill responsibilities the SoCo Peppers may have to other organizations, including, but not limited to, the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA).

Section 6. The amount of membership fee shall be determined and fixed by the Board of Directors each year and duly entered upon its minutes.  Membership fees shall entitle the member to compete in all events sponsored by the SoCo Peppers, subject to the rules of each event. Membership fees will be due and payable by a date to be determined by the Board of Directors. The membership drive shall be conducted as soon as possible after the fall elections so as to build the treasury to guarantee adequate deposit moneys for the new year's tournaments.

The policy, if any, for prorating membership fees will be established by the Board of Directors.

Membership fees are not refundable.

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall constitute the ruling and governing body of the SoCo Peppers  and shall prescribe the rules consistent with the Bylaws, regulating the affairs and conduct of the SoCo Peppers.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected Officers of the SoCo Peppers and the appointed Chairpersons (also referred to as Directors) of the Tournament, Handicap-Rules, and Web Master committees.  All Directors and Chairpersons shall have equal voting privileges.

Section 3. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at formal meetings of the Board, for the transaction of business.

Section 4. Any director may be removed from the Board by 2/3 vote of the Board members at formal meetings for which there is a quorum.

Section 5. If a vacancy occurs in the Board of Directors, the Board shall elect a member from the SoCo Peppers at large to fill such vacancy.  A Director so elected shall hold office for unexpired portion of the term of the incumbent whose position is being filled.
Section 6. All members of the Board must be regular Members of the SoCo Peppers.

Section 7. The Board of Directors shall hold meetings at such time and place as, in its judgment, is necessary in the discharge of the duties of the SoCo Peppers.  Notice of formal meetings of the Board of Directors must be given to all Board members in advance, and must include the time and place of the meeting.  The Board of Directors will meet during the week immediately following each tournament event to formalize the results, resolve carry-over disputes, and conduct business.  The Board also meets periodically throughout the season to conduct general business and oversee upcoming events. Participation by phone is authorized for Board members unable to attend in person. All Board members must attend a majority of the formal meetings. Failure to attend meetings regularly can be grounds for removal as specified in Section 4.

Section 8. Any member wishing to approach the Board, to complain of any act or neglect relating to the administration of the SoCo Peppers, disputes or issues of policy or conduct, shall make such request or complaint in writing to the Secretary, who shall refer it to the President's agenda.

Section 9. BENEFITS
Should SoCo Peppers treasury funds permit, those members of the Board of Directors currently holding office shall be entitled to:

A. Pre-Season - Free annual membership, NCGA fees included.
B. Mid Season - Free green fees on Director's Day (see Article VIII, Section 2.12).
C. Post Season - Free entry fees for the Awards Day Tournament.

In the case of a resignation from office, the Director shall pay the Treasurer the annual membership fee.  Other situations affecting a Director's benefits shall be resolved by the Board of Directors.

Section 1. Nomination of Officers shall be made by the regular and associate members prior to September 15.  Those members placed in nomination shall then be approached to determine intent to serve prior to the preparation of the election ballot.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to prepare for the election of Officers.  Space shall be provided on the ballots for write-in votes.  Regular and associate members have voting privileges.

To be entitled to vote in the annual election of officers, one must be a regular or associate member of the SoCo Peppers whose membership fee for the year has been paid prior to the annual election.

Section 3. The election will be held prior to the annual Awards Banquet.  The Secretary shall distribute ballots to all regular and associate members of the SoCo Peppers for the current year.

Section 4. The President may appoint three persons from the Board of Directors to serve as election examiners, to examine the election proceedings and report the results of such examination to the President.

Section 5. The persons receiving the highest number of votes cast for each position shall be declared elected as such Officer.  In case of a tie, the existing Directors will determine the winner by majority vote.

Section 6. The Officers so elected shall meet with the outgoing Board Members.  Within thirty (30) days, the newly elected Officers shall meet, organize, and appoint those Committee Chairpersons who will also serve as Board Directors.

Section 1. The elected Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers shall be elected from the regular and associate membership and shall hold office for the term of two years from the time of their election, and until their successors have accepted nomination and have been elected. Each year two Officer positions will be elected (President and Treasurer in even years, VP and Secretary in odd years). In the event of an elected office vacancy prior to the expiration of a two year term, the President shall nominate a replacement who will then serve out the remainder of the term if approved by a majority vote of the Board.

Section 2. The President shall be the chief executive of the SoCo Peppers, presiding at all meetings of the SoCo Peppers Board of Directors.  The President is responsible for setting strategic direction and shall appoint all committees. The President shall have general supervision over the business and affairs of the SoCo Peppers.  At the formal Board meetings the President shall make a report of the general concerns of the SoCo Peppers. The President shall be ex-officio a member of all committees. Only members who have served at least two years (at any time) as member of the Board are eligible to run for the office of club President.

Section 3. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors.  The Vice President shall conduct the Match Play Championship, supervise all acquisition of awards, and oversee all banquet arrangements.  The Vice President shall perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may require.

Section 4. The Secretary duties
Section 4.1 MEETINGS
A. Maintain a record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors and of the meetings of the SoCo Peppers, give notice of all meetings, and maintain the official correspondence.  If both the President and Vice President are absent from any meeting, the Secretary shall call the meeting to order, and a temporary Chairman shall be elected to preside over the meeting.
B. Post Minutes to SoCo Peppers database/website and distribute minutes to members in a timely manner.
C. Arrange meetings/conference room for the entire year.
D. Send e-mail notices to Board members as required or requested; e.g., reminders of meetings, etc.

A. Create and maintain permanent file of all correspondence received or issued to include:  Board Minutes, Club Mailings, Bylaws, Membership Roster.
A. Preserve and store all SoCo Peppers archives including membership address list and member historical records.
B. Conduct public relation activities; displays, publications, etc.
C. Administer the database, if there is one, for online members.
D. Prepare and distribute membership notices not otherwise available on the club website.

A. Solicit and record nominations.
B. Coordinate calling all nominees to ensure they want to be considered and that they will uphold the associated responsibilities.
C. Develop and distribute election ballot.
D. Coordinate counting of ballots.
E. Report on results of election before the annual awards banquet.

Section 4.4 Maintain records of "Points" won by Regular and Associate members throughout the year.

Section 5. The Treasurer duties

Section 5.1  Financial records keeping
The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a full and accurate record of the accounts of the receipts and disbursements of the SoCo Peppers, and render to the Board of Directors, whenever they require it, a statement of the accounts and of the financial condition of the SoCo Peppers.

Section 5.2   The Treasurer shall have these specific responsibilities:
1. Prepare and submit SoCo Peppers Budget and Financial Statement to Board of Directors.
2. Reconcile Tournament moneys.
3. Manage Membership drive moneys, course and NCGA payments.
4.  Determine cash value of points for members and prepare cash envelopes for distribution at last tournament of the year.

Section 6. Checks may be signed by any two Officers duly authorized by the Board of Directors.

The following committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the President and approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the beginning of the President’s elected term.
  1. Tournament
  2. Handicap & Rules
  3. Web Master
The President may form additional committees as he/she sees fit, but the Chairpersons of such committees shall not become members of the Board of Directors.

Section 2.1 A minimum of 15 (15) tournaments will be scheduled during the season.

Section 2.2 The number, scheduling, and types of tournaments to be held during the coming year shall be determined by the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the current year’s schedule of events.

Section 2.3 Entry fees and the method of their collection shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Refunds for individual player cancellations after the sign-up deadline are at the sole discretion of the golf course. The Board will return entry fees only if refunded by the course.

Section 2.4 Scheduling tournaments will be the responsibility of the tournament chairperson.  Duties include booking tournaments; negotiating and interpreting course tournament contracts; establishing the annual tournament schedule; maintaining copies of course contracts and NCGA tournament information in a master file; and acting as liaison between the NCGA and the club regarding NCGA tournaments.

Section 2.5 Disputes or claims concerning procedures or rules during a tournament shall be decided by the "Rules Committee."  (See Section 3.9).

Section 2.6 The prize structure for the year's tournaments will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2.7 The SoCo Peppers' policy for the breaking of ties in tournament competition is to match cards using the back 9 net scores. The person with the lowest back 9 net wins. If tied on the back 9, match the last 6 holes. If still tied, match the last 3 holes. The one exception to this tie-break procedure is for the gross score flight of the Club Championship. In the event of a gross score tie after 36 holes, there will be a sudden death playoff to determine the club champion.

Section 2.8 Guests of members may play only in individual medal play events, if space is available.  They are not eligible for prizes, and do not have sign-up priority.

Section 2.9 Individual tournament director
Each member of the board will serve as tournament director for a minimum of two events. Duties include: establishing tournament entry deadlines, entry mailing deadlines and tee time mailing deadlines; collecting tournament entry fees; identifying tournament rules committee; reporting pre-tournament details; and reporting tournament results.

Foursomes will be assigned and starting times will be established by the individual Tournament Director.  With the exception of team events, sign-ups will be limited to two persons per entry.  

The scramble tournament director shall use handicaps to assign teams that have combined handicap parity with other teams.
Section 2.10 In the event of inclement weather at the tournament site on the day of the tournament, the following rules apply:

A. Course playing conditions are the responsibility of the local professional.  He may call the tournament due to weather. During bad weather, the individual tournament director should call the course at least one hour prior to the first tee time to confirm the status of the event.

B. If the tournament is called due to weather the Board of Directors will either reschedule a tournament or refund the entry fees.  If an entrant cannot attend the rescheduled tournament, his/her fees will be refunded.

Section 2.11 Hole in One
If in the course of play of a tournament a SoCo Peppers’ member scores a "hole in one" on a hole, then immediately following the tournament the SoCo Peppers will afford one beverage in the clubhouse for each member present that played in the tournament.

Section 2.12 Director's Day
The Tournament Chairperson, or a member of the Board of Directors designated by the Tournament Chairperson, shall make arrangements and conduct a Summer Director's Tournament.

Section 2.13 The SoCo Peppers may designate certain tournaments as qualifiers for NCGA events.
Only Regular members may submit entries to qualify for NCGA events.
The SoCo Peppers will register individuals and teams it selects and sends to the following first round NCGA event qualifiers:
⦁    Associate Club Four-Ball Net Championship (Two-Person Better Ball)
⦁    Associate Club Championship (Best Two Balls of Four)
⦁    Associate Club Net Amateur Championship
⦁    Senior Four-Ball Net Championship (Two-Person Better Ball)

 All fees for qualifiers and championships will be the responsibility of the individuals and teams representing the SoCo Peppers.

Section 2.14 If a member of a team which has been selected for an NCGA event subsequently cannot play in that event, then an alternate team will substitute for the whole qualifying team. Similarly, in an individual competition, an alternate person will substitute for anyone not able to play in an event.

Section 2.15 The Tournament Chairperson shall sign all contracts and other instruments in writing which have been first approved by the Board of Directors.  


Section 3.1 The United States Golf Association Handicap System will be maintained and used by the Club in its competitions.

Section 3.2 The Handicap Chairperson is responsible for collecting and recording the scores from the SoCo Peppers membership, and for maintaining current handicap lists in accordance with the USGA/NCGA Handicap System.

Section 3.3 The Handicap Chairperson may hold certain discretionary powers pertaining to the discharge of his duties; the Board of Directors shall exercise control of such discretionary powers.

Section 3.4 The Handicap Chairperson shall:
1. Report monthly handicaps
2. Establish handicaps for new Regular members.
3. Adjust and post tournament scores for Regular members and oversee that Associate members post their SoCo Peppers Tournament scores in a timely manner.
4. Adjust individual handicaps when warranted by SoCo Peppers tournament play.

Section 3.5 All members will compete based on their current NCGA index

Section 3.6 The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association will govern play in all competitions conducted by the SoCo Peppers.  The Rules of Golf may be modified by Local Rules. SoCo Peppers rulings (Rule 33:  The Committee) may modify Rules of Golf and Local rules.

Section 3.7 The Handicap-Rules Chairperson is responsible for the applications of the Rules of Golf to the competitions conducted by the SoCo Peppers, and shall assess pre-tourney conditions, and shall be the final authority on decisions.

Section 3.8 It shall be the duty of the Handicap-Rules Chairperson to promote knowledge of and adherence to the Rules of golf among the SoCo Peppers’ membership through all means at his or her disposal.

   The Handicap-Rules Chairperson and the individual Tournament Director have seats on "the rules committee" that governs each competition.  Any additional member(s) of the Committee shall be determined by the individual Tournament Director prior to each competition.

Disputes arising during tournament day will be resolved by the tournament rules committee. Players are to be advised to "Locate one of these members at the 19th Hole to present your dispute or claim." Unresolved disputes will be carried forward for resolution at the Board of Directors meeting, the following week.

Section 4. WEB SITE

Section 4.1 The Web Chairperson is responsible for maintaining Internet based access for membership to player information, handicaps, tournament information, results, and other information relevant to the membership.  

Section 1. The following special competitions will be conducted during the year:
  Club Championship / Net Flight Championship
  Match Play Championship (optional)
  Scramble and banquet

A. The Gross Club Championship / Net Flight Championships will be conducted at stroke play over 36 holes.

B. To be eligible, regular and associate members must have played in five prior club events (which may include first round of the championship, but excludes matches in the Charles McEnnis Memorial Match Play Championship) in the year of the Championship.

C. The Board of Directors is responsible for prescribing all conditions for the conduct of the Gross Club Championship / Net Flight Championships.

D. The Gross Club Championship will be awarded to the eligible player recording the lowest gross score for 36 holes.  If, at the conclusion of the 36 holes, a tie for the Club Championship exists, then a sudden death playoff, without the use of handicaps, will determine the winner.

E. Net Flight Championships will be awarded to the players recording the lowest net scores for the 36 holes in his/her respective flights.  Ties will be settled as described in Article VIII, Section 2.7.

F. Winner of Club Championship shall not be eligible for the Net Flight Championships.

A. A stroke play qualifying round, held over 18 holes, may be held prior to commencement of the match play competition.  Those playing in that tournament shall be qualified to play in the match play competition.  Regular and Associate members who do not play in the qualifying tournament shall be allowed to play in the match play competition, subject to space being available in the field based on the qualifying tournament.  Requests from such members shall be handled in the order received. The Vice President, acting as Match Play Championship Chair shall determine the seeding of players.

B. The Vice President is responsible for prescribing all conditions for the conduct of the Match Play Championship.

A. The SoCo Peppers will hold its Annual Awards Banquet on the evening of the last tournament of the year which will be a Scramble type tournament.

B. The awards to be made at the Banquet will be determined by the Board of Directors at the beginning of the year. All members and their guests are eligible to attend the awards banquet.

C. Scramble Tournament
Regular and Associate members are eligible for this event (no guests). Because the prizes for this tournament are paid from other golf tournaments, anyone not playing at least five club events (excluding the Charles McEnnis Memorial Match Play rounds) will pay an additional $20 to cover the gift fees.

 Section 1. The Most Improved Player Award.

A. To be eligible the Regular and Associate members must have played in at least five club medal individual events and must have been a member for the entire season.

B. The player whose NCGA index has decreased by the largest percentage (not including reductions made by the USGA for exceptional tournament scores) from the January to the last official USGA index issued prior to the Scramble Event wins the award.
Section 2. The Lopez Award.

A. To be eligible the Regular and Associate members must have competed in at least five club medal individual events during the year.

B. If a player plays more than five club medal individual events during the year, he may drop his highest medal score from consideration when calculating his average.

C. The player with the lowest average gross score of club individual medal events (after dropping one, if eligible to do so in paragraph B.) wins the award.

Section 3. The Highest Point Total Award.

A. The player with the most points awarded for club tournament play during the year will receive the award.

Upon liquidation of the SoCo Peppers, its properties shall be converted into money and, after payment of all SoCo Peppers debts, said moneys shall be distributed equally to the Regular and Associate members of the SoCo Peppers as are registered on the books of the SoCo Peppers at the time of liquidation.